On my arrival at Ambleside I was interviewed by Miss Mason who asked me for what purpose I had come. I replied: “I have come to learn to teach.” Then Miss Mason said: “My dear, you have come here to learn to live.” I have never forgotten those precious words which have helped me with my children.
— Essex Cholmondeley

Currently accepting applications for the 2015 - 2016 school year.

Description of an Ambleside Teacher

Ambleside teachers have an active, personal faith in Jesus Christ along with a desire to live out their faith in the classroom.  They love books: classic stories, fairy tales, myths and legends, history, natural science, anything well written with good ideas.  They love nature, art and music and many other subjects and want to introduce these things to their students.  They are lifelong learners.

Ambleside teachers desire to have a discipling relationship with ten to sixteen boys and girls teaching them the habits of attention, respect, courtesy, honesty, thoroughness, accuracy, punctuality and many more.  They are comfortable with a curriculum which uses few textbooks and requires teachers to master and teach their subjects without the usual educational aids and lesson guides.  Recognizing that Ambleside School exists for the purpose of implementing the method of Charlotte Mason, Ambleside teachers willingly submit to Charlotte Mason's philosophy and become her students.  They eagerly seek to increase their own knowledge by reading, discussing and attending educational internships so that they might become better teachers.

A minimum of a Bachelor's degree is preferred for Ambleside teachers.  A teaching certificate and classroom experience are added benefits.

Full Time Classroom Positions Available:

All full time positions for 2015 - 2016 have been filled.

Part Time Positions Available:

Math Specialist
The Ambleside elementary math program focuses on helping students to attain a high level of fluency in arithmetic and higher level math.   This teacher will have a love for children, a desire to each child grow in skill, and a desire to apply Charlotte Mason's philosophy in the area of mathematics.

To request more information, please send your resume and cover letter to Andrew Hayes:


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